GAIN THE MVP Knee Pads w. AUSSIE swirl caps

This is the "AUSSIE SWIRL" Limited edition of the MVP knee pads.

The MVP can be considered the younger but very motivated brother of The Shield PRO knee pads :)

These are very similarly built and pack a lot of punch, but more affordably priced - might be the sweet spot for many riders who take their progression very seriously, but on a tighter budget.

The base is made from strong Cordura material, same goes for the bottom part for durability. The top features strong AirMesh fabric for more ventilation and for a stylish look.

The MVP’s foam insert is of the same thickness as the Shield PRO’s, similarly shaped and hugs around the knee, but lacks the added Anti Shock layer. The MVP is a slip on pad, so no velcro tailed flaps on the back, and we use Sharkskin gripper instead of the silicone band in the inside.

The MVP knee pads also come with replaceable plastic caps - in this price range this is pretty much unheard of - and you can get them with Swirl caps, too! Box ticked for style and long product life. Once you need new caps, you just get a new pair and chuck them on.

The MVP knee pads are also designed for freestyle scootering, but as you can imagine, they perform fantastically well for skateboarding, BMX, and a variety of other roller sports, too.

They come in
•XL/XXL sizes.

Please note that all the swirl caps are unique and there are no two identical ones - this is because of the nature of the injection moulding process.

Made in the European Union.
Available Options: